Monday, January 2, 2012

Leap Blog Day

and more...

If you want to participate in Leap Blog Day, contact any blogger you like (including the ones just named above) and ask them to do a guest post for you. If they agree, post their guest piece on February 29, linking back to their site and referencing Leap Blog Day. Likewise, if you are contacted to do a guest post for Leap Blog Day, please consider doing it. (Feel free to do more than one guest post if you want.)  It will be fun and help introduce your blog to more readers! Plus, all the cool bloggers will like you.  Except the ones who are too cool for Leap Blog Day.  But they circle right back around to being uncool again.

Here is a nifty "Leap Blog Day 2012 Participant" button to proudly display wherever you want.

And post Leap Blog Day on Facebook, too... let's take it viral!

**UPDATE:  I have a guest blogger lined up for Leap Blog Day!  Yay!  I have not, however, been booked to write a guest post yet, so ask away.


  1. Just added my super-cool badge. You are my hero.

  2. Yayyyyyyyy! You rock! and I can't wait to see whatever your guest poster posts! I'm sure it will be epic.

    (and I love the line from the newspaper about "First Blog event announced for 2012 that I know of." Perfect.)