Haley Wolfe is a twenty-something girl in that awkward gap between graduating college and having all her dreams magically come true.  When she started this blog in January 2011, she was living in a questionable trailer-cabin on a mountain in North Carolina, spending a lot of time huddled on her fold-out couch reading Hyperbole and a Half.  (And stacking firewood. Her arms were so toned that year.) Eventually, she ran out of Hyperbole and a Half posts and thought, "I could totally make a blog like that!"

This blog has given Haley the opportunity to sharpen her storytelling skills and refer to herself in the third person. It's also allowed her to do some cool things, like illustrating a children's book called Herman the Cat Goes to Outerspace for fellow blogger Julie Harrison.

Since starting Haley's Comic back in 2011, Haley has become a proponent of the tiny living movement and remodeled a vintage Airstream, which she now lives in with her husband and two cats. In 2015, she was finally able to quit her retail job and start working full-time on a book series.

Haley doesn't post new things as often as she used to, but she keeps saying she might post again. She mostly says this to herself.

You can get in touch with Haley by e-mailing her at haley {at} haleyscomic {dot} com.

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