Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Race

2012 is a presidential election year, meaning everyone wants to argue about politics. 

Not talk about politics.  Argue about politics.  Talking about politics would go like this and would be perfectly acceptable:

Arguing about politics brings out the worst in people. 

When is the last time you argued with someone about politics and he actually changed his mind?

Witnessing a political argument, whether in person or online, is kind of like watching a plane crash.  You know there's nothing you can do, and you kind of want to run away, but you can't tear your eyes from the horrible devastation, so you just stand there until you're dead inside.

That's because in every political argument, without fail, there is one person who is being a total douche for absolutely no reason. 

Imagine you're running a race.

You cross the finish line.  You win.  You have nothing else to gain at this point.

Then, the other guy falls flat on his face and cracks his head open.

I'd like to think most people would go back and try to help the other guy.  Unfortunately, in election years I'm reminded that some people would go back, kick the other guy in the face, and lecture him about race safety.

And that's why I hate election years.


  1. EXACTLY. and my captcha is 'fetus', lol.

  2. Uh-oh, captcha is trying to bring up one of those hot-button election issues... haha!

  3. This may well be my favorite post so far. The only people I talk politics with are those with my identical views. So I talk to myself a lot.

  4. I just. Love you. So perfectly said. I'm sharing this one.

  5. Unlike in a race though, in political arguments nobody wins. Ever. Except in their heads.

    This turned out great. I particularly like the plane crash.

  6. Hug - I love it

    WordVeri: aregin - definitely not as good as Kelly's captcha in a normal year, but I would like to point out in an election year we need worse, not better, captchas, and that is why I am the person you should vote for. (Oh, sorry, I got carried away)

    (ha ha really just dumb humor)

  7. hey, by the way, love your new page header re-design! cool pics!


  8. This is glorious.

  9. This site is really good... And stuff

  10. So funny and so true! It is almost impossible to change someone's mind- even if what they believe is absolutely stupid!!!