Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pros and Cons of Pro-Con Lists

PRO:  Provide an objective way to analyze decisions.
CON:  Some things seem like they could count as two pros or two cons and I can't decide whether or not that's cheating.
CON:  A lot of the pros and cons cancel each other out.  For example, if you put, "Lots of sex with hookers" as a pro, but then you put, "Sex with hookers could lead to venereal disease" as a con, that is getting you nowhere.
PRO:  Great procrastination tool.
CON:  Great procrastination tool.
CON:  Part of me thinks it's stupid to base major decisions on pro-con lists.
CON:  I usually just pad the less-desirable option with cons on purpose.
CON:  Apparently, "I like this choice better" does not count as an acceptable "pro."
CON:  I am really bad at making pro-con lists.
PRO:  Except I did make this pro-con list, which I think is a pretty good one.
CON:  Then again, this is an ironic pro-con list about hating pro-con lists, so it doesn't really count as a legitimate pro-con list.


  1. Pro: It was entertaining.
    Con: I can't think of one, I suck at this.

  2. Pro: I loved your list.
    Con: I had to read it twice, because I didn't properly read the Pro and Con the first go around.
    Pro: I had to read it twice.
    Con: I had 2 pros and 1 con and that really messes with my OCD, so I had to come up with this con.

  3. Pros and Cons also can rob you of all your money and leave you in a hotel room with no wallet or clothes or passport.

  4. ahhhh so true!I don't have the self-discipline to make a logical decision. I always just do whatever sounds funner and easier and deal with the consequences later.