Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Certificates of Awesomeness

Last night on Twitter, I made a vow to do something embarrassing in recognition of whoever became my 10th follower.  Then things got complicated.  I went to bed with 9 followers, and I woke up with 11.  The logical solution seemed to be to acknowledge both of them, since there's no easy way to determine who followed me first.  Then things got even more complicated. 

One of my new followers is KimmieKarmaLove.  She keeps a pretty cool blog herself, in which she reviews makeup as well as bath and beauty products, and she's reviewed some of my bath products before.  You should check her blog out.  Thanks for following me and propelling my followers into the double digits, KimmieKarmaLove!

My other new follower is Andrew Adrian.  The only problem is, I already know an Andrew Adrian who is already following my blog.  This can mean only one thing:  Andy has an evil clone who has come here from a parallel universe to destroy him and steal his identity, starting with his Blogger account.  The new clone-Andy will then lead an uprising of evil clones who will overthrow all our planet's governments and replace us all with our evil clone counterparts.  I'm not an evil clone expert, but based on my knowledge of science fiction movies, they're probably doing this because their own universe is about to implode or something.  Nonetheless, an evil clone still counts as a follower, so thank you, Evil Andrew Adrian, for helping propel my followers into the double digits!  Good luck with your sinister plan to invade Earth.  Real Andrew Adrian, you probably have limited time left before your evil clone finds you.  You will be missed.

And now, as promised, I will present my two new followers with a token of my sincerest appreciation for their support.  Also as promised, this token of my appreciation will be just over-the-top enough to be mildly embarrassing.  At least, I would think it was embarrassing.  Then again, I'm easy to embarrass.

KimmieKarmaLove and (Evil) Andrew Adrian, I hereby present you with CERTIFICATES OF AWESOMENESS.

These certificates are totally legitimate and should be accepted unconditionally anywhere you go.  If you encounter any problems, just make a huge public scene until either your demands are met or you're escorted out by security.  I suggest having your Certificates of Awesomeness framed so that you can display them proudly in your homes.


  1. Yay! I won, I won! I love that certificate, I think I might print it out and hang it on my wall!

    I didn't even realize that I had reviewed your soaps until you said it.

  2. Haha, yes, I'm the soap girl, too! I have waaayyy too much going on! It keeps me from being bored, though...

  3. Wait... I am following your blog again what the?

    AHHHHHH! Haley, You must always remember to........