Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jalapeno Cheddar Steakhouse Rules with an Iron Fist

You know those billboards usually located outside businesses like fast food chains and hotels, where some unfortunate employee gets to go out on a ladder and smack up different letters to create a new message?  I love it when those things take on bizarre, unintended meanings, which are often very awkward.  I've passed many poorly-planned billboards over the years but have squandered my opportunities to write about them.  Then last night, Ari and I drove past a Burger King billboard that read, JALAPENO CHEDDAR STEAKHOUSE NOW HIRING DAYS. 

And Ari said, "Wow.  That thing sure took charge quickly."

By inserting a little punctuation, skipping a line between announcements, or even just using the other side of the billboard, this Burger King could have conveyed both that they had a jalapeno cheddar steakhouse burger for sale and that they were hiring for day shifts.  But instead they let the world know that the jalapeno cheddar steakhouse had usurped management and was now hiring new employees to support its regime.

We imagine it happened like this.

I would wrap this up by lamenting the lack of proper grammar and attention to detail in our society today, but honestly, this has been so amusing I don't even care.

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