Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If My Mom Had Mrs. Weasley's Clock

If my mom had a clock like Mrs. Weasley's in the Harry Potter books, it would look like this.  It has an extra hand because sometimes there is some overlap.  For example, right now, I'm home AND eating.


  1. I would enjoy a small portable wrist version, call it a "writch watch", that would tell me "Awake - Asleep", because sometimes I'm just not sure. Then I could tell the monsters, "Look at my writch watch, I'm asleep, so this is a dream, go away"

  2. I think it should have two hands with the name of the appropriate person on each hand. You could end up having like twenty hands on the clock.

    I think that clock was the coolest bit of magic in the entire series. It would be awesome to have one. Pretty sure ours would include a 'Random Web Browsing' option.