Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Cat & the Bat

There once was a girl in a third-storey flat,
which she shared with a round and fluffy gray cat.

The cat was not much for running or leaping.
 She preferred to be curled in a chair, sleeping.

But then one day, she found something pleasing:
a BAT! On her porch! And she caught him so easily!

She was sure her owner would be amazed.
She brought the bat in, hoping for praise.

But things didn't go so well after that.
The girl screamed quite loud, and away flew the bat!

The girl could've sworn she'd read something somewhere
about bats swooping down and getting stuck in your hair.

So with the bat flying all around in her flat,
the girl had no choice but to put on a hat.

Then suddenly, the bat disappeared.
 He had to be in the flat--but not here…
or here…
or here…

After searching high and low,
she found him in a pile of clothes.

But now that she'd found him, this spot wouldn't do.
The bat flew away, to find somewhere new.

Just when the girl was near losing her mind,
she found him again on her bathroom blinds.

When she saw him up close, he was really quite cute.
She wanted him gone, but what could she do?

Just when the girl was feeling quite vexed, she thought,
 "I know just what to do! Send a text to my ex!"

Her ex arrived to save the day,
and with some kitchen utensils, took the bat away.

And just like that,
the girl took off her hat,
because she and her cat
had no bat in their flat.

*~ the end ~*

No bats were harmed in the making of this post.  Based on true events that happened to my best friend.  Thank you Emily for sharing this harrowing experience with me and letting me turn it into a poem/cartoon.


  1. I remember you telling us this story. :D

    Love the comic!

  2. Wonderful work on your poetry and scenery. We had a bat in our business, but my sister-in-law found him in an expired state.

  3. I like the range of emotions expressed by the bat. Funny post, Haley!

  4. Mishasfan - Thank you! This was fun to work on, even though it took forever and kind of drove me crazy.
    esbboston - We've also had some bats in the building where I work. Luckily my boss has been the one to find them all. I would probably feel sorry for them and bring them home with me. I don't think Hubs would like that.
    gweenbrick - The bat is truly the unsung hero of this story. I'm glad you enjoyed his character development!

  5. uh, haley? that ex of the bat-girl has no hands........ is that the reason she broke up with him? no hands = kinda spooky (I apologize in advance if I have hurt the feelings of any people who do not have hands. I am sorry, it was inconsiderate of me, and it won't happen again.) Haley, you can tell me, is that why they broke up?