Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 *title courtesy of Andrew Adrian, although I really, really wish I had thought of that myself.

You might have seen this article online about a car crashing into an eye clinic.  The driver of this car was a patient of the eye clinic, apparently for good reason.  The eye clinic also has the same name as I do.

To prevent such mishaps in the future, I have made them a sign to hang in the entrance of their office.

I like to give back to the community when I can.


  1. I feel ashamed, I didnt even see the common name.

  2. I didn't see that post! That's funny!

    I love the "thanks!" at the end xD

  3. Really? The reporter genuinely says the police are investigating how this happened? This isn't Sherlock Homes level shit people!

    That aside, what if someone is so distracted trying to read the sign that it MAKES them crash into the building?

    You have to consider this basic fact whenever you do anything.

    Basic Fact: People can't drive for shit.

    Pretty sure you did a blog about it.