Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm Going to be Rich!

Today I had a life-changing entrepreneurial epiphany.  (I have those a lot.)  Here it is.

Plenty of companies offer services like free credit reports.  These reports tell you 1) how badly you've already screwed up your credit, or 2) what a good job you've been doing with your credit lately.  That's great and all, but some of us need something more.  That's why I'm hereby inventing the credit planner.

Have you ever found yourself prioritizing between a seemingly infinite quantity of payments that are all due at the same time and a depressingly finite available balance in your bank account?  Let's say your student loans and your electric bill are due, but you can only afford to pay one.  You tried to ask for a loan deferment or forbearance, but the website got all judgmental and was like, Screw you, little girl, get a real job.  This is where the credit planner comes in.  The credit planner will be a free online service that allows you to enter your current financial obligations and play out hypothetical scenarios in which you neglect to pay some or all of your bills.  It will then generate theoretical rankings so you can decide which bills to pay this month.

I know it's tempting, but please don't steal my idea.  It's probably worth millions of dollars, and I could really use that money to pay some bills.


  1. You crack me up....I think you should do your own the next "Cathy" the "Haley's Comic"....

  2. I love it! If I ever rename this blog (which I've been thinking about lately), Haley's Comic will be in the running. Which is funny, since Ari is the one who really likes comics.