Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Finally Did Something!

Remember how I mentioned working on some illustration projects outside my blog, and how I keep saying they're seriously-almost-ready-for-real-this-time-I-swear?  Well, one of them is actually ready now!  As in, here is a link where you can buy it

I should probably also tell you more about it.

Back when my blog was new and my drawings still looked like someone had vomited up colorful spaghetti (as opposed to now, when they look like slightly-less-digested spaghetti), one of the first humor blogs I followed was Just Inappropriate by Mary Brown.  Mary was incredibly sweet to me and actually followed me back.  Last year she even had me do a guest post on her blog called "10 Things That Would Happen if I Had Kids."  In conclusion, Mary is one of my all-time favorite people on the Internet.

If you read Mary's blog (or subscribe to her on Facebook), you know that she often posts hilarious quotes from her amazingly-perceptive six-year-old, Adrian.  (At least, I think he's six. Sorry if he's not six. I know it's a single-digit number, anyway.)  Over the summer, Mary's mother, Wendy, contacted me to say she had been saving all these "Adrianisms" over the years and wanted to turn them into an illustrated book.  After several months of illustrating and narrowing the collection down to 50 favorite quotes, we finally got the book printed, and Wendy surprised Mary with it earlier this week.

It's called Warm, Witty, and Wonderful Quotes by Adrian, and it's available here on 

I don't have my physical copies of the book yet, but if you check out the listing on Lulu, you can preview the first dozen or so pages, and read the back cover.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the book:

And here are some early reviews of the book:

"[This book is] the best surprise I've ever gotten, and I got a brand new Mercedes with a red bow in 2008 (just for perspective)."
- Mary Brown

"We're so relieved you finally did something with your life proud of you!"
- My parents

"I'm so relieved you might actually start making some money proud of you!"
- Hubs

"This book is awesome and you should definitely buy it!"
- Me

"So, is this, like, your novel?  I'm confused."
- Everyone else I know

"Please stop harassing our reviewers about your book."
- The New York Times

A portion of the profits will go toward Adrian's college fund.  Another portion goes toward myself and Wendy because we made the book.  But I'd like you to focus on the part where you're sending an adorable kid to college.

Look at that face. That is a face that deserves to go to college.
This is the perfect book to keep on your coffee table or by your bed, or even stash in your car, for those moments when you just really need something funny and entertaining.  You can just flip through it any time for a quick laugh, although (and I'm biased here) you'll probably find it so mind-blowingly amazing that you don't want to put it down.

But again, I'm a little biased.

You should order a copy and see for yourself!

I've also added a nifty order button in the sidebar of my blog (toward the top) in case you come back later wanting to order 50,000 more copies.


  1. Haley had never really done any illustrations based on real people - I think her depictions of all of us that are represented in the book are excellent!! Adrian said most of the illustrated quotes from 5-8 yrs old - he is 8 1/2 now. Time needs to slow down!!!

    1. Okay, I felt like I was getting his age wrong! I must be remembering Mary referring to him as six back when I started reading her blog 2 years ago. Time really does need to slow down.

    2. Adrian loves the book - he reads it quite a bit and when he talks about it he always says the full title. Steve and I were driving him home from soccer practice and he asked me if I had any other copies of "Warm, Witty and Wonderful Quotes by Adrian" - instead of just saying "any other copies of the book about me". Hahaha. It has now become an international book - I sent a copy to my sister in Canada!!

  2. Haley, Congrats!!!!!! So exciting!!!!! I am really happy for you, and I hope this leads to many more book deals for you. ;)


  3. Fantastic!!! Congrats, Haley!!!

  4. Haaaaaaley! I have no idea how I missed this, my mother just mentioned it and I am so sad I didn't read it 4 milliseconds after you posted. I love this book so much. SO. much. Unfortunately for Adrian's college fund, all of my 10,000 coworkers have come to my desk begging to read the book. I have let them because I am a horrible businesswoman and I love it so much. Everyone has laughed so hard at your drawings and mentioned that they wished THEY had a book about their kids like I do. I love having things that people are jealous of. You did a perfect job and you're pretty much a perfect specimen of human. I'm so glad I was nice to you in 2011.