Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Zombie Bob Takes a Vacation

I haven't had any good Zombie Bob ideas in a while.  I like to think he's just been on vacation, lounging somewhere and sipping brain cocktails.


  1. I know where he is: with MUSE! She ran off, and clearly, it was with him! Let me know if you see either of them..........

    hey, you still have comment verification. time to consider getting rid of it. clay baboon lady tells you how:

  2. About that word verification thing... *Ahem* (raises voice so everyone can hear): I put a lot of thought into removing mine, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I started my blog without one, and I got robo-comments. So many robo-comments. Not to disrespect the robots of the world, but robo-comments make me super sad. I check my e-mail, and I see, "You have a comment!" Then I think, "Someone loves me!" but when I look at it, it's all like, "I am a robot. I do not know of this 'love.' Would you like to make your penis bigger?" And I'm like, "NO, STUPID ROBOTS!"

    So hopefully you understand why I did not want to keep going through that every day. Well, okay, every few weeks or so. Even robots don't comment on my blog all that often.

  3. Robots aren't so bad, once you get to know them. Better than zombies, at least :)

  4. I always knew Cancun offered up the best brain cocktails. Smart one, that Zombie Bob.