Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Infinite Loop of Awkward

Have you ever been talking to two or more people, when suddenly one of the people in the conversation said or did something kind of awkward?

Once that person has left, you reach out to your companion in an effort to dispel the awkwardness lingering in the air.

But rather than the outpouring of sympathy you expected, this other person fixes you with a blank stare.

You immediately realize you've made a crucial error.  If this person didn't get the awkward moment when it was happening, how are you possibly going to explain it to them now?

Now you're trapped in an infinite loop of awkward.  Not only did you just experience an awkward moment, but you're actively creating one right now.

You can try to cancel out the awkwardness by confiding in yet another person about it, in hopes that someone will finally sympathize with you, but then you have to explain both awkward situations, and you just seem crazy.

In the end, you're left with no choice but to jump out a window.


  1. I love how the internet works sometimes. You mention how this post didn't get as much love as you were hoping, and BAM! Within a few days its one of your most viewed posts. Hilarious.

  2. blarbity blarb blarb blarb


  3. I have a sad suspicion that this comic might have been about me....

  4. So funny! I love posts about awkwardness-its one of my favorite topics